Rachel died in Le Cannet

par JMS
Rachel died in Le Cannet

Rachel died in Le Cannet is a post about the famous tragic actress and the admiration she received from Charlotte Brontë.

” All the way to Le Cannet, there is an electric tram, and the scenery on either side is quite commonplace and uninteresting. Buildings in course of erection, small shops and restaurants spoiling the scenery.

Le Cannet was at one time a little village by itself.

Now its chief attraction lies in the fact that it is well on the borders of the villa-studded area. And those who stay there enjoy splendid views towards the Esterels and in most other directions. They have as well, country walks of great beauty close at hand.

The village had a few old houses, and has the distinction of owning the villa in which Elisa Rachel, the tragic actress, died in 1858.

Charlotte Brontë saw her act in London in 1851.

She writes :

On Saturday“, I went to hear and see Rachel; a wonderful sight – terrible as if the earth had cracked deep at your feet and revealed a glimpse of hell. I shall never forget it. She made me shudder to the marrow of my bones; in her some fiend has certainly taken up an incarnate home. She is not a woman; she is a snake.”

Rachel died in Le Cannet is extracted from “Along the Rivieras of France and Italy” by Gordon Home.Published in 1908.