Hyères is a filthy town

par JMS
Hyères is a filthy town

Hyères is a filthy town describes the bad experience endured by an englishman visiting this town on the french Riviera.

” The town of Hyères as a whole is not kept as clean as it might be.

The streets want better paving and draining; in fact, in the old town there appear to be no drains, but the slops and refuse from the houses are allowed to accnmulate and run down open gutters in the centre of the streets.

This is especially true of the Rues St. Bernard, de la Croix, and Fenouillet. Some of the back lanes above the cemetery were horribly filthy when I visited Hyères.

 The best shops are in the Rue Massillon, leading to the Place Massillon, and along the Route Nationale and in the Place de la Rade.

There is a general poverty-stricken look about the shops taken as a whole, and they are very inferior to those of Cannes or Nice.

The Hôtel de Ville, or town hall, is situated in the little Square Massillon, which is adorned by a bust of the celebrated preacher who was born in one of the houses close by and a curious old tower which belonged to a templar church on the same spot is now the official residence of the Commissaire de Police.”

The story about Hyères is a filthy town goes back to…1879. It can be found in a book ” The Riviera” written by Edward Issac Sparks.

Hyères is quite beautiful nowadays.