Napoleon III made Nice France

par JMS
Napoleon III made Nice France

Napoleon III made Nice France is a story about the influence of the italian way of life still remaining after the annexation to France.

“From Cannes to Nice, or Nizza, is a short run by rail.

But on reaching the latter we see at once that we have entered another country.

As one of the natives remarked:

” The Emperor Napoleon made Nice France, but God made it Italy.”

In spite of the French flags and French soldiers, it is soon perceptible that we have entered Italy.

More especially on going into the old part of the town, out of the way of the large hotel built for the English, who flock here in such numbers.”

Napoleon III made Nice France is an excerpt from the book “Fair Italy. The Riviera and Monte Carlo”. It was written by William Cope Devereux in 1884.


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