Staying at the Hotel Windsor in Cannes

par JMS
Staying at the Hotel Windsor in Cannes

Staying at the Hotel Windsor in Cannes is a post about the high life of Englishmen on the french Riviera .

« By six o-clock we were at the Hotel Windsor in Cannes, and fortunately secured a bedroom on the forth floor, from the windows of which we had a splendid view of the sea.

The “Windsor” is beautifully situation on the hillside, some ten minutes’ walk from the shore.

It is surronded by very pretty and tasteful gardens, well stocked with flowers of all kinds, roses being most conspicuous, while the perfume of the orage trees ascends from the valley below.

Il shoud think this hotel was much more healthy than those situate lower down and close to the sea, catching the upper drainage.

The interior is well appointed in every way, with a comfortable, homely air about it.

We found the Hotel Windsor very quiet, comfortable, and moderate in charge, and hope some day to renew our agreable impression of it. »

This post about Staying at the Hotel Windsor in Cannes is an extract from “Fair Italy. The Riviera and Monte Carlo” from William Cope DEVEREUX 1884.

In those years, coming to the french Riviera was already awesome.


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